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A Simple Guide: How&Where to Pay Your Utility Bills in China

发布时间:2020-10-12 16:08:35

Moving into your new place should be exciting, you are finally independent! Congratulations! However, you might feel slightly apprehensive or worried about how to pay your bills and become a responsible adult. Perhaps you have lived alone before but never in China. We are here to help you learn how to pay fees like gas, electricity, water, management fee, and Wi-Fi. If you follow these steps then you can avoid the unexpected power blackouts, cold showers, or Wi-Fi disconnection. Let us go through the details of how to handle them.


Ordinarily, tenants are required to pay an electricity, water, garbage, and management fee every month before a certain date, and at the property management service office of your complex. We advise you to be organized and visit that office before the date arrives to pay the bill. Remember to occasionally check your mailbox and text messages as you may receive a friendly bill reminder from the property management service office.


Different compounds in Chengdu may have different payment ways, In some communities your landlords may give you several cards with your account details on, this should include the payment number of your account for water, gas, and electricity. If this is the case, you can recharge the card in your local Hongqi Chain Store, Wudongfeng supermarket, T-mall shop (more information below this article). Alternatively, you could pay your water, electricity, and gas fee via Alipay/Wechat. The procedures for both are similar. Shown below is an example of how to pay your gas bill via Alipay: 


Step 1: Open Alipay/Wechat and select the ‘Utilities’


Step 2: Click the ‘fire sign’ for Gas


Step 3: Input your Gas number (which is on your card) and verify which gas company it belongs to (you might need help from a Chinese friend). Then find out the balance on your account. It is always best to recharge when your balance is running low.


If you need to pay your water or electricity bill you will ultimately repeat the same steps but rather click on the symbol for water and electricity – the lighting symbol signifies electricity, and the water drop sign signifies water. Pretty simple, right? 

how to pay utility bills in chengdu.png

If you do find the electronic payment via Alipay complicated, then do not worry you can always go to your local Hongqi chain store (红旗超市), Wudongfeng supermarket (舞东风超市), T-Mall shop (天猫超市). The Hongqi chain store is the one with red/white colours and the flag; you should be able to find one in your neighbourhood. Go to Hongqi/Wudongfeng supermaket/T-mall and show the staff your card/payment number. The Hongqi staff will then assist you in checking your bill and help you to recharge your card if necessary. Here is the logo of the Hongqi chain store/Wudongfeng supermarket/T-Mall shop for you to remember: 

屏幕快照 2020-09-30 16.37.51.png

No matter how you pay your bill, try to remember that punctuality is crucial. The delayed payment of water and gas could result in a fine whilst a negative account of electricity could result in a blackout. So be careful!


Last but not the least, paying your Wi-Fi. Luckily, this one is as simple as paying your phone bill. Simply input your Wi-Fi account number (which would normally be an 11 digital phone number or a 6-8 account numbers) and pay the package fee periodically. 


If you follow this simple guide you ought to be able to handle paying your utility bills in China. If you are still struggling then feel free to contact your Chengdu-Relocation consultant for help, the problem will soon dissolve.